Childcare for children with additional needs

Having difficulty finding suitable childcare, support or activities for your children?

Are you working with a family who is having difficulty finding suitable childcare, accessing support services or activities?

Are you a childcare provider who would like further training or support in caring for a child with a disability?

The council's Families Information Service has a Family Advisor to offer extra help to parents, carers and childcare providers who may be finding it difficult accessing suitable childcare and activities or training and support.

The Family Advisor can help if you:

  • are a family with a child with a disability or special educational need
  • are a parent with a learning difficulty or disability
  • are a family whose first language is not English
  • have tried to find childcare or positive activities without success
  • are a teenage parent
  • are new or expecting parents 
  • are a childcare provider

Get in touch with the Families Information Service on 01925 443131 or email

Finding childcare

To help you with your search, the inclusion matters checklist (pdf) will help you to identify key strengths of the leisure and childcare settings you visit.