Information for childcare providers

This information is for all childcare providers in Warrington, provided by the council's Families Information Service, Early Years, and Childcare Training teams.

Early help

Early Help involves identifying children and families who may be at risk of running into difficulties. The initiative provides appropriate and effective support in a timely manner, with the aim of helping and supporting the family.  

Early Help is about enhancing the abilities of every parent to provide a supportive and enriching environment for their children to grow up in.  

It covers many areas including education, health, and crime.

Intervention can take the form of:

  • Family support
  • Access to children's centres
  • Youth services - such as the youth café, activities and support services
  • Parenting programmes, ranging from toddlers to young adults

Early Help requires a multilevel, holistic approach i.e. treating the family as a whole, not concentrating on one member of that family or one issue.

It's not about being critical or judgemental, it's about working together to create positive engagement with professionals and families to help them achieve mutual goals. It's a shared approach to providing effective support to help a family enhance their skills and empower them to make better life choices for themselves and their children.

Useful links:

Early Education Funding Information

Information for Childcare Providers delivering the Early Education Funding.

Documents and user guides can be found here

Training and professional development

There are childcare training courses that cater for all childcare practitioners, including childminders, if you're looking to develop your skills and meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the common core of skills and knowledge for the children's workforce, and Ofsted.

See the list of courses available

To book a place on any course, you need to be registered on the website. Unfortunately we can't take phone bookings.

Please note that courses start promptly so you should aim to arrive at least ten minutes before the start of the course. Arriving after the start time can cause disruption so please let us know if for any reason you may be late.

Training and support for childminders

Warrington Borough Council aim to ensure that all childcare providers have access to the necessary support, training and guidance required to meet the standards outlined within the Early Years Foundation Stage and Ofsted frameworks. There is some targeted support available for:

Children with additional needs

If you're working with a family who is having difficulty finding suitable childcare, accessing support services or activities, or you would like further training or support in caring for a child with a disability, contact the council's Families Information Service on 01925 443131 or

They can put you in touch with the council's Childcare Inclusion Officer, the Family Advisor or the Early Years SEN Outreach Teacher who can offer you advice and support.

Support will vary according to the child’s needs and may involve input from more than one agency. Find out more about childcare for children with additional needs.

Useful forms

Form: Return to:
Education, Health and Care Plan for EYFS
Children under 4 and complex case referral form Return by post to the address on the form
Speech and Language Therapy Referral Form Return by post to the address on the form
2yr Practitoner Referral Form
Support plus request form
Personal Plan template
SP6 - Support plus Review Form - graduated approach For your records
Family Support Referral Form
Request for Parent Support
Children Over 4 and complex case referral form Return by post to the address on the form