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Early Identification of SEND


Graduated Approach


Ordinarily Available

The ordinarily available documents (level 1 green) are what the early years setting should use to support children, whilst working in partnership with parents and are referred to as steps 1, 2 and 3 of Warrington’s graduated approach pathway. These documents include high quality teaching, characteristics of effective learning, the key person system and use of the early years foundation stage curriculum. It will include resources already within the setting and that are easily accessible. The settings will use these documents to support a child achieve good outcomes. They may use the early years pupil premium and Disability access funding to aid this.

The ordinarily available document (level 0-1) is split up into 4 areas as stated in the SEN Code of practice 2015. The 4 broad areas are:

  • cognition and learning
  • communication and interaction
  • social, emotional and mental health  
  • sensory and physical development

See Graduated Approach Descriptor

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