Getting around

Getting out and about is important to remain healthy, happy and active. Getting outdoors benefits people socially, by allowing them to visit friends and interact with members of the community, and practically, by allowing them to access local amenities and services. These activities also help people to become more integrated into their local community.

You will alson find information and forms for Transport from Home to School.

My Life Warrington has details of activities and places to go in Warrington, have a look around and see what appeals to you.

School Transport

Home to school transport

We will provide free transport from home to school for a child when:

  • they are attending the nearest suitable primary school to their home address and the shortest walking distance from their home to that school is more than two miles
  • The child or young person, up to age 16, is attending the nearest suitable secondary school to their home address and the shortest walking distance from their home to that school is more than three miles
  • A child or young person, up to age 16, is unable to walk to their nearest suitable school because of the nature of the route and the route has been classified by the council as hazardous.

Some extended rights for free travel relate to low income families.

Secondary school children and young people, up to age 16, from low income families will also be entitled to free transport if:

  • The child or young person is attending a suitable school which is one of the three nearest secondary schools and the shortest walking distance from home to that school is between two and six miles away
  • The child or young person is attending a school and the shortest walking distance from home to that school is between two and 15 miles away and is the nearest school preferred on the basis of the parent’s/carer’s religion or belief

Pupils who have an education health and care plan or a disability and are not eligible when considered against the criteria set out above. Their entitlement to transport assistance is considered when taking account of the pupil's special educational needs and the school placement.

Post-16 transport policy

We don't generally provide transport assistance for students aged 16 and above, but will consider providing support to young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities on a discretionary basis.

Any support we give won't normally meet the full cost of the transport. We will, however, consider what assistance we can give to support the needs of a young person.

How to apply

If you feel you are entitled to help getting to school or college, please print off the school transport application form and return to:

School Admissions and Transport, New Town House, Buttermarket Street, Warrington, WA1 2NH

If you are eligible for a bus pass, you will need to provide a passport-sized photograph.


Bus passes are renewed on an annual basis. The Passenger Transport Team will contact you with details of how to renew your child’s pass.  

Appeals process

If your application for a bus pass is refused you can appeal.

Lost/damaged bus passes

If your child loses or damages their bus pass, a replacement can be purchased for £8 from the Passenger Transport Team. Call the team on 01925 443100.

Please see downloads on the right for the application forms

Transport options for people with care and support needs

Public transport - buses

Network Warrington operate the majority of buses in the Warrington Area and the majority of buses are wheelchair accessible. 

Disabled Persons permits allow service users with a disability to travel free after 9.30am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. 

Timetables and journey planner available at:

Driving, and blue badge parking

If you are disabled a Blue Badge permit allows you to park legally near to places you need to visit.

The permit is for any eligible disabled person whether they are travelling as a driver or as a passenger. It allows free parking in some pay and display car parks and on single and double yellow lines in most streets for up to three hours.   
Mobility Vehicles and Scooters

Higher rate mobility allowance can be exchanged for a Motability vehicle from any participating car dealership.  Full information can be found at

Some people in receipt of mobility allowance can also use some of it to rent a Motability scooter or powered wheelchair.  Full details can be found at the website above.
Warrington Disability Partnership - Shopmobility

The Shopmobility service helps people with limited mobility, both temporary and permanent, to experience greater freedom and independence; shopping, socialising and/or travelling to appointments in Warrington town centre. The fleet of over 50 mobility scooters, manual and electric wheelchairs are available from offices located at Golden Square Shopping Centre (Legh Street Car Park). A satellite service also operates from Warrington Market. 

Dial-a-Ride (Warrington Community Transport)

A door to door accessible minibus transport service operating locally within the boundaries of Warrington Borough Council using staff and volunteers. Staff escort members to and from the vehicle and assist with personal belongings. Journeys catered for: shopping trips, healthcare appointments, social outings, or accessing places of education, employment and direct access to shop mobility.

For further details contact:
Warrington Community Transport on 01925 419988

Travel Warrington

Here you can find out about the different ways to travel, save money and get fit and healthy whilst helping the environment.