Claire House Children's Hospice

Claire House Children’s Hospice helps seriously and terminally ill children live life to the full by creating wonderful experiences and bringing back a sense of normality to family life.

By providing specialist nursing care and emotional support we help families smile again when life couldn’t get any tougher.

Claire House has a team of trained professionals who are as passionate about what they do as they are talented at doing it. Our staff includes nurses, physiotherapists, play specialists, counsellors and we also have four dedicated doctors who visit the hospice.

Creating magical memories

But Claire House is about far more than just care. It is a place for children to relax and enjoy themselves, whatever their age. They can have fun in our multi-sensory room, art room, hydrotherapy pool and jacuzzi. There is a separate wing complete with bar, sound system and Xbox for teenagers and young adults.

Whilst their children are having fun, mums and dads get the chance to enjoy some much-needed time off together or the opportunity to spend time with their other children.

Care when and where you need it

Not all families want to come to the hospice, so our team goes out to visit them in their homes and we put on regular trips for brothers and sisters to ensure they don’t miss out on having fun.

Claire House is also there for parents during the toughest of times. Whether they are spent at home or in the hospice, we ensure a child’s final days are memorable and special. We don’t just help with the practical issues of registering a child’s death and arranging their funeral – we provide dedicated round-the-clock support and specialist counselling.

As one family put it: “The best thing about Claire House is knowing that they are always there. From the minute you meet them for as long as you need them.”

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Eligibility Criteria

Claire House has been supporting families and providing care for children and young people across Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales since it opened in 1998. The hospice was extended in 2007 to provide purpose built facilities for young adults.

We are currently providing care for over 200 babies, children and young people and supporting more than 200 bereaved families.

Our criteria is as follows:

Child/young person is aged 0-18 years 

Referrals for end of life care up to the age of 23

An infant under 12 months old with an uncertain prognosis

The child/young person usually lives in the Claire House catchment area (Cheshire, Merseyside and part of North Wales)

Child/young person has a recognised life-limiting/life threatening condition in one of the categories below.

Like most Children’s hospices, our eligibility criteria are based on the four broad groups of children who may require palliative care developed by Together for Short Lives. The groups are described below:
1. Life threatening conditions for which a cure may be feasible but can fail.

Access to palliative care services may be necessary when treatment fails or during an acute crisis.

Examples: cancer, irreversible organ failures of the heart, liver, kidney.

2. Conditions where premature death is inevitable.

There may be long periods of intensive treatment aimed at prolonging life allowing participation in normal activities.

Examples: cystic fibrosis and Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

3. Progressive conditions without curative treatment options.

Treatment is exclusively palliative and may commonly extend over many years.

Examples: Battens disease, mucopolysaccharidoses.

4. Irreversible but non-progressive conditions causing severe disability leading to susceptibility to health complications and likelihood of premature death.

Examples: severe cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities and complex health care needs such as following a brain or spinal cord injury, where there is a high risk of an unpredictable life-threatening event or episode.

The suitability of hospice care for children who fall into the fourth group would be considered on an individual basis and would take into account the medical information provided and an assessment of each child’s needs.

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