Health Check and Screening

Knowing the following signs associated with early onset dementia is important,

  • Forgetting about recent conversations
  • Person repeating themselves
  • Becoming slower at grasping new ideas
  • Losing the thread of what is being said
  • Confusion which could be about surroundings/time of day or year
  • Showing poor judgement and finding it harder to make decisions
  • Loss of interest in other people or activities
  • Developing a readiness to blame others for taking or misplacing items
  • Becomingly increasingly unwilling to try out new things or adapt to change.

If you are experiencing a number of these symptoms then you must contact your GP who may refer you for an assessment.

Alzheimer’s society

In our later years, Cancer screening for breast, cervical and bowel cancer checks are a must as early identification of cancer increases the chances of survival.

Health checks offered by GPs to minimise Cardio Vascular Disease will improve your quality of life by offering advice to prevent you from becoming seriously ill in the future.

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