Short Breaks Services for children

Short breaks

Short breaks, sometimes referred to as respite, provide opportunities for disabled children and young people to spend positive time away from their main carer(s), and allow parents/carers and their families to have a break from their caring responsibilities.

A short break may include an activity or a stay, either during the day, evening, overnight, or at a weekend and could take place at home, at an approved carer's home, in a residential or at a community/group based activity or setting.

The breaks are, as far as possible, tailored to meet the needs of children, young people and their families.

Short breaks can be provided through access to ‘universal’ services, for example through attending a youth group or club/activity.

In some cases a more targeted short break service is required, which will require an assessment of need. This is a more specific short break service funded by the local authority. More information on this is available from the link on the right.



Who to contact

Parent organisation
Warrington Borough Council Inclusion Team