Sandy Lane Children's Centre

The Sandy Lane Children's Centre provides services for babies, young children and their families. The Centre offers a variety of play and development opportunities, health advice and guidance and family support.

Services are regularly reviewed and developed to meet the needs of local families, key services include:

  • Play sessions for parents/carers and their children to help families play, lean, talk, read and have fun together
  • Adult education: Courses for parents/carer’s to help develop themselves, parenting skills or help with returning to work
  • Ante natal and postnatal care: Midwife appointments, health visitor advice, baby massage, baby explorer’s
  • Advice is also available from a range of professionals including Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), Family Support and Children Centre Support Workers

Staff at the Centre are trained with a variety of skills so they are able to give you the best advice and help possible.

National information about Children's Centre’s 

The services at the Children's Centre are designed to meet the needs of parents/carers and their families from prenatal to school age.

Professional groups such as childminders and early years consultants will also use the centre.

The latest timetable we have is attached on the right hand side of this page. Timetables are subject to change so we strongly advise contacting the centre before attending.

Who to contact

Contact Name: Julie Sheppard

Contact Number: 01925 443444

Contact Email:


The core purpose of Children’s Centre’s is to improve outcomes for young children and their families and reduce inequalities between families in greatest need and their peers in:

  • child development and school readiness
  • parenting aspirations and parenting skills
  • child and family health and life chances.

Sure Start Children Centre’s work in accordance to the Governments statutory guidance with the aim of improving the “Every Child Matters” outcomes for young children and families.  Children Centre’s offer a wide range of services around early education, social welfare, outreach, health and information/guidance/advice sessions.  Services are offered through a combination of core WBC employed staff, Service Levels Agreements, or joint working/co-location agreements with partners.  The provision of activities is aimed at supporting families with young children - from pregnancy up to age five.  A Children’s Centre activity programme will reflect the need of its immediate community reach area and is produced in consultation with families considering possible discriminatory factors.

The main aim and objectives of the service are to develop and implement services for young children and families ensuring that all relevant priorities within the Warrington Family Support Strategy, Warrington Children and Young People’s Plan and the Community Support Services Plan are being met.  To work in partnership with statutory agencies, community, children and families to address issues related to Child Poverty and narrow the gap.  

Participation in the service is through a registration process operated directly by Centre’s and promoted by stakeholders.  Families are encouraged to register and access services at their most local Centre, rather than by Centre choice, as each Centre is charged to ensure its impact is on those most vulnerable in its immediate community and measured by results.   Children Centre’s offer a range of inclusive activities for children aged 0-5 years and their parents/carers, Monday-Friday.  Other activities may also be available for children and young people aged five and up as well as various services for parents and carers.

Time / date details

When is it on

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm

Other details



All services are free of charge


Age ranges

Children under 5 years and their parents and carers.

Referral details

All services are voluntary.  Sometimes social workers, health visitors, nursery nurses, school or housing officers refer families but only with their written permission.  For special services people may need an appointment. 

Local Offer


The Children's Centre provides services for babies, young children and their families. Over the next few months the Centre will be offering a variety of play and development opportunities, health advice and guidance and family support.

Staff are trained in a range of communication methods, access to staff skills will be matched to individual requirements.


Contact Name

Julie Sheppard

Contact Telephone

01925 443444

Contact Email

Who to contact

Contact Name
Julie Sheppard/Ann Peacey
Contact Position
Early Help Locality Manager
01925 443444

Where to go

Sandy Lane Children's Centre
Sandy Lane

Time / date details

When is it on
Monday – Friday 8.30am to 5pm

Other details


Age ranges
0-5 years old
Referral required
Referral details

All children and families must be registered with SureStart children’s centres to access services.

Telephone or call in for more information.