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ATE believes very profoundly in the value of residential summer camps to children from all walks of life. We have over 50 years’ experience (formerly as ‘Colony Holidays’) in running summer camps and have been gathering experience and resources throughout the whole of this period.

ATE is a non-denominational body whose only aim or allegiance is educational, and as such we have strong links with the educational establishment. Most of the main educational bodies are represented on our Governing Body, and many of the senior staff on Superweeks are experienced, highly committed teachers.

ATE also has a rigorous and mandatory programme of training and support for all the people who work directly with the children on Superweeks. This programme is designed to provide them with the skills and understanding needed to work with children in a residential setting and to develop confidence in their ability to do so. It actively encourages people at each stage to assess their own performance and to consider ways of improving. ATE’s programme of training is very highly regarded by those who have experienced it.

What does the ATE Trust believe?

Serious Fun.

ATE believes in a world where all children can feel safe, loved and supported and a world where all children have the opportunity to have real adventures. A safe place from which they can launch themselves into the unknown, whilst all the time discovering and learning ever more new things about themselves. ATE wants a world where life is not a series of things that have to be done, but of possibilities to savour, to have fun with and to remember forever.

Children need to be exposed to situations from which they can go away with increased confidence and personal aspirations and, above all, where they can feel, and be, themselves.

More children need to play; play outside and with other people. Formal education needs to be complemented with imaginative, active interaction. Children need an environment in which they can explore their imaginations, the unrealistic and the still-fictional; a care free environment with limitless possibilities that encourages them to reach for the stars.

More children need happier childhood experiences and memories created with other children and other adults. ATE wants Britain’s children to have increased, real experiences of positive social interaction with varied personalities. We believe this will lead to better socially-educated young people, and an increased tolerance of others and a positive perspective of the world.

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0845 456 1205
ATE Trust

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The Active Training and Education Trust
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8-16 years old
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