Warrington Childrens Community Nursing Team

The children’s community nursing team provide specialist nursing care and support to children and young people with complex health needs, life limiting and life threatening illnesses within the home and educational setting.

This could include:

  • Children and young people who are reliant on medical technology, such as naso-gastric feeding tube, gastrostomy, tracheostomy and ventilation.
  • Children and Young People with ‘life limiting or life threatening conditions’
  • Children/ Young people who require a package of health support to stay at home
  • Facilitate preferred place of care for the end of life for a child/young person and their family.
  • Palliative Care

The Children’s Nurses provide limited training to parents, carers, social services, education and health professionals as requested for individual children and young people.

The team also work jointly with staff from Warrington and Halton Hospital NHS Trust to provide the Paediatric Acute Response Team – the team undertake post admission review, wound checks, IV antibiotics, acute bloods and will see patients meeting specific criteria who have been referred by the GP.

Our Values

As a team we adhere to the organisational values of Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust. We provide a patient centred service by focusing on the child / young person and the team around the family looking to make a positive difference to their lives.

We constantly strive to evaluate our service and look for new, more effective and innovative ways of working.

We value all forms of communication and aim to communicate in an open and honest way that enables an atmosphere of trust and respect throughout.

We offer a professional quality service, following local and national professional guidelines with a comprehensive management structure, support and training packages that ensure best evidence-based practice at all times.

We are locally-led and flexible about the settings of our intervention to best meet the needs of the child and family.

We are efficient and use our resources wisely to ensure quality care and value for money.

Who to contact

01925 867900
Fax: 01925 823692

Where to go

The Children’s Community Nursing Team
Woolston Clinic
Holes Lane

Local Offer

Contact Name
The Children’s Community Nursing Team
Contact Telephone
01925 867900