Warrington Youth Club - Immortal Dreams

Immortal Dreams is a new project aimed at young people aged twelve and upwards, currently sessions are held every Tuesday night 6.30-8.30pm at the Peace Centre in Great Sankey. With this project there are many ways for the young people to benefit from it without having to come to all or indeed any of the weekly sessions.

The overall aim of this project is to support young people in encouraging them to chase and live out their dreams

This will be done by increasing the opportunities for them to develop their abilities in whatever activity it is that they most like doing and would most dearly like to make a living out of. To begin with the main areas focused on will be music, drama, writing, art and photography.

A young person doesn't have to end up making a living out of their passion for this project to be a success for them, allowing them to stay involved in their favourite activity for longer than they would without Immortal Dreams can be more than enough to justify the work of the project. These activities can have a great therapeutic effect, helping young people deal with any problems or issues in their life. Also there is the element of if they are busy committing to an Immortal Dream project then it is time when they are not partaking in any potentially harmful activities. Also the project could create links between jobs that are related to their passion, for example actors could become drama teachers, artists could become sketch artists for the police, and musicians could make a living out of music without being famous.

The project will have a strong social media presence that will be used to inspire young people, but mostly to market their skills in whatever area they excel, via videos of performances they produce.

The project aims to set up a music group for local young musicians, who can produce their own performances around the town at various venues, create their own albums and music videos as well as busking to help promote themselves, the project and the youth club.

A drama group will also be set up who can perform plays around the town, create their own films and short films and produce street performances for promotion as well as practice. Strong links with Radio Warrington will be a great platform for performances for musicians and young artists will be given an opportunity to practice their craft with fellow artists, and there will be exhibitions a few times throughout the year where they can sell their own artwork.

A writing group will get together, producing a collection of short stories, poems, novels and plays, these works could be put together and sold as e-books and paperbacks.

Other young people will be supported with their own skills and business ideas, for example those interested in fashion design will help to design clothes merchandise for the project, anyone interested in being a fund raiser for a charity or working in organising events will be heavily involved in organising fund raising events. Any young person can ask us for advice on how to pursue their dreams and we will do our best to help them along the right track.

Another big aspect of the charity will be getting young people leading sessions in primary schools and possibly high schools, teaching what they are passionate about, whether it be music, drama, art, writing, sport or languages for example. This will give the chance to share their passion and help inspire the next generation of dreamers.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Rob Watson
01925 581226
07928 290830
Parent organisation
Warrington Youth Club

Where to go

The Peace Centre
Peace Drive
Great Sankey

Time / date details

When is it on
Every Tuesday night 6:30pm-8:30pm
Time of day

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Age ranges
14 to 20 years