Early Years Strategy

This Early Years Strategy 2022-2025 continues the work achieved in the previous strategy (2017-2020). It is an overarching strategy that encompasses Warrington’s statutory duties under the Children and Families Act 2014 and the Childcare Act 2006. It champions the vision for improving outcomes for our youngest children though five overarching objectives:

  • To meet effectively the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged children in the early years
  • To identify children with additional needs at the earliest opportunity
  • To ensure the quality of our early years provision in line with current legislation/practice
  • To monitor supply and demand of quality early years provision to ensure sufficiency across the Borough
  • To promote good health and wellbeing which contribute to better outcomes for children

The Early Years Strategy is based upon the national legislation and policy frameworks and sets out Warrington’s vision for the future to reduce inequalities in child development and school readiness so that every child has the opportunity to reach their potential. Strong leadership and a highly skilled and responsive workforce are essential to the delivery of high quality services. Effective intervention and evidence-based practice and intervention can support every child in achieving the best outcomes

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