Warrington Community Paediatric Audiology Service

We will provide an assessment if there are concerns regarding a child’s hearing or if the child is at risk of developing a hearing loss.

We deliver a school hearing screen service to all children and young people who attend a Warrington school in the reception years.

We are responsible for the care of patients identified with Permanent Childhood Hearing Impairment. We generate a patient specific plan in consultation with the parents/carers. The plan will follow Local Care-Pathways, National Guidelines and Quality Standards.

We aim to maximise audibility in order that the child can access speech sounds. The strategies used are determined by the needs of the individual and family and may include listening tactics, amplification with hearing aids, and referral for surgical intervention such as implantable devices or grommet insertion.   

We work closely with the Specialist Teachers for children with Hearing Impairment and other multiagency professionals in order to ensure the best possible access to the Curriculum in the school setting and communication in the early years/ home environment.

Who to contact

01925 867882
01925 867885
Fax: 01925 575173

Where to go

Paediatric Audiology Service
Child Development Centre
Sandy Lane

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There is a waiting list for new referrals. All children are seen within 18 weeks. Those children who are able to undertake pure tone audiometry (headphone hearing test) are seen within 6 weeks.

Local Offer


An audiological assessment is executed by experienced and highly qualified professionals within the field of Paediatric Audiology.

The service ensures parents/carers are fully involved in the development of a management plan for your child.

The Audiology Medical Lead will contribute to Education, Health and Care plans if your child has with additional needs.

The Audiology Team will work closely with the Specialist Teachers for Children with Hearing Impairment who will provide advice & support for your family in the school and home setting.

Relevant audiology information will be shared with the professionals involved.

If your child requires any surgical intervention they will be referred to the appropriate service.

Transition Service works closely with the Adult Audiology Service and transition process will begin before your young person’s 19th birthday.

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Audiology Department
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01925 867867