Out-and-about youth work

Detached and outreach youth work is when youth workers from Warrington Borough Council go out and about to where you and your mates may be hanging out - on the streets, in parks, at events, etc.     

Our youth workers can offer you advice, information and provide and suggest activities and things for you to do.  They will always have Warrington Borough Council identification, so ask them to show you if you're not sure who they are. 

We go out and about to different areas depending on what's happening, and if there are any community issues we're aware of.  

Street Bike Responsive

The Street Bike Responsive project is part of outreach and detached youth work - our youth workers do the same kind of work, but they go out on their bikes! 

Who to contact

01925 442440
Parent organisation
Warrington Borough Council

Time / date details

Time of day
Session Information
Thursdays, wherever we're needed, 6.30pm-9.15pm (Street Bike Responsive)
Fridays, wherever we're needed, 6.30pm-9.15pm (Street Bike Responsive)

Other details


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