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At Harris Recruitment we specialise in the supply and recruitment of private domestic staff. From Housekeepers and Nannies to personal Chefs, Carers and Domestic Couples, we offer the highest level of service to our clients.


A housekeeper is ideal for families, couples or individuals who are seeking to employ someone to do a wide variety of domestic duties.

Typical duties include: housekeeping, cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, washing, ironing, shopping, family cooking & food preparation and help with the running of the house.

In addition, depending on each individual job requirements, they may be required to: take care of antiques & polish silver, arrange flowers, oversee tradesmen, organise wardrobes and take care of high end garments, run errands and feed and walk the family pet. A housekeeper may also be able to house/pet sit for you when you go away and a “child friendly” housekeeper can supervise older children if required.


A nanny can provide a safe, caring, stimulating environment within your home in which your children can grow, learn and develop.

A nanny is an experienced child carer who is capable of sole charge, but equally would be happy to work alongside a parent. As well as taking care of the children, the nanny would be responsible for everything to do with the children, from preparing healthy nutritious food for the children to doing their laundry.

A qualified nanny is someone who holds a qualification. However, some of the best nannies do not have formal childcare qualifications. Often a combination of a caring and practical nature, a natural aptitude for relating to children and a proven track record in working in the childcare sector help to ensure that a candidate has what it takes to make a good nanny.

Domestic Couple

The complete housekeeping solution –providing all-round help in the home, including meticulous housekeeping and a wide range of maintenance/driving duties, combining the roles of either the housekeeper, housekeeper/cook or housekeeper/nanny along with a houseman/handyman/driver.

Typical duties include: housekeeping, cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, washing, ironing, shopping, family cooking & food preparation, childcare. In addition gardening, driving, valeting and looking after cars, odd jobs, swimming pool maintenance, sweeping, running errands and general maintenance around the home. 

Housekeeper / Nanny

A housekeeper / nanny is a child friendly housekeeper, who in addition to the typical housekeeping duties, which will include: housekeeping, cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, washing & ironing, can provide some childcare assistance.

After School Care

After school care will be provided by a person with relevant childcare experience who is able to pick up children from school, take them to after school activities or straight home. Make them dinner or a snack and supervise homework. They may be required to work additional hours in school holidays or take children to school.

Please note that any vacancy must be at least 20 hours per week.

Mother’s Help

A mother’s help (who can also be known as a housekeeper/nanny) will be able to help with both childcare and housekeeping, usually in a support role, as they have limited experience.

Their duties would include cleaning, general household and laundry duties, helping with the children, often with a parent around, babysitting, driving duties, school runs, light cooking and food preparation.

Nanny Share

This is a scenario that is perfect for people who work part time as it is very cost effective. A nanny would work for and look after the children of more than one family, either at the same time or on different days. The families will have agreed the terms of employment between them and will share the cost, including the nanny's tax allowance. 

There are different types of nanny share arrangements including: 

  • Split week share: the families would share the nanny and the children are looked after on different days, each in their own home. 
  • Complete share: the children are looked after together at the same place on the same days. 
  • Main family share: One family employs the nanny full time and they share their nanny with the other family for part of the week.

Maternity Nurse

A maternity nurse (can also be known as a maternity nanny) is a trained or experienced nanny or midwife specialising in caring for new born babies.

They can take charge of a new baby and guide and advise the mother on feeding patterns, sleeping routines and other aspects of new born care.

Employment periods can vary from a few days to a few months, depending on the family’s needs and they can work a variety of different options, including: 12 or 24 hour day or night care, working up to six days per week.

A maternity nurse is self-employed and sets their own rate of pay. When a firm booking is made the client contractually commits to employ the maternity nurse for an agreed period of time.

If a booking is cancelled or delayed, usually the maternity nurse would ask for 50% of the agreed pay for the period affected.

We can help you find daily or live in, full or part time help. Please note part time vacancies are usually daily and must be for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

We are able to offer nationwide coverage.

As we recruit for each individual position and offer a wide range of  recruitment choices, the minimum temporary cover we are able to offer is 12 weeks.

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