Back to School Guide

We have a great new resource for you to look at.  It’s a child-friendly booklet explaining what going back to school this autumn will be like, including tips to cope if children feel nervous or overwhelmed.

Life has been really different recently because of coronavirus. Lots of children stopped going into school and we had to spend more time at home.

But after the summer holidays, all children in England will be going back to school. This is because children are at very low risk of becoming ill from coronavirus

We have spoken to lots of you about how you feel about going back to school. Some of you went back to school before the holidays, so you already know what it’s like.

For those who stayed at home, we know that some of you are feeling excited but also a little bit nervous. It’s totally normal to feel like that.

When you go back to school, some things will be the same, and some things will be different.

In this guide we will: tell you some of the changes you might see when you go back to school give you some tips on how to cope if you’re feeling worried or nervous

 The booklet is available in the section under Downloads