Blue Badge - After You Apply

We’ll look at what you’ve told us to see whether you’re eligible for a blue badge. We’ll write to you and let you know whether we can give you a blue badge. We deal with applications as quickly as we can but can take up to 12 weeks.

If we apporove your application

We’ll send the badge to you in the post, and it’s now yours to use.

read about your rights and responsibilities as a blue badge holder

If we need more information

We may ask you for more information or evidence, or we may ask you to meet with an independent assessor.

If we refuse your application

You can ask us to review the decision by writing to us within 28 days. Please include any more relevant information which you think we need to know. 

If you haven’t already had an independent assessment, we may ask you to have one. Or if you have, you may need to have an assessment with a different independent assessor.

If your review is unsuccessful

If we still can’t give you a blue badge, we'll write to you and explain why. This decision is final, and we’ll refund your £10 payment.

Lost or stolen blue badge

If your blue badge is lost or has been stolen, please email us at and we can arrange a replacement. There is a fee of £10.