Blue Badge - Apply For or Renew

The application process is the same whether you’re applying for the first time or whether you’re renewing your badge.

Step 1- Check if you're eligible

Read the Blue Badge criteria carefully.

Step 2 – Make sure you’ve got all the documents you need

Make sure you’ve got:

  • a passport-style photograph of yourself taken within the last month
  • your National Insurance number
  • proof of address - such as your driving licence, benefit award letter, or we can check our council tax records (we don’t accept utility bills, bank statements or tenancy agreements)
  • proof of identity - such as your birth certificate, passport or driving licence
  • proof of your relevant disability benefits or any relevant medical evidence (If you're required to supply evidence of your disability benefit and need a letter dated within the last 12 months, please contact the disability benefits helpline)

Bring your full entitlement letter. We do not accept yearly update letters; please ask for your full entitlement letter which includes a points breakdown if you are in receipt of Personal Independence Payment. All benefit letters will need to show if your entitlement is either ongoing, indefinite or has an end date.

You’ll need to have a photo of each of these, or have them scanned onto your computer, phone or tablet, so that you can upload them on to the application form. If you can’t upload them, please email them to or call into Contact Warrington and we can scan your documents for you. Photographs can be taken in Contact Warrington for a fee of £4 

Step 3 - Fill in the application form

apply for a blue badge

Step 4 - Pay for your badge

A Blue Badge costs £10. You can’t pay for it on GOV.UK, you have to pay us directly. After you finish the application form, it will explain how to pay. Or, you can pay online now - please add in your surname to the reference box when paying online.

pay online for your blue badge

Remember, your application may be delayed if you’ve not paid.