Adult Social Care

Report abuse of a vulnerable adult

If you appear to be in need of care and support we may carry out a needs assessment, regardless of whether we think you will have to pay the full costs of your care.

A needs assessment looks at your situation, including any health problems or disabilities and how they are impacting on your day to day life.

When we do an assessment we look at the things you can do and the support you have around you, as well as any difficulties you might be having. 

If you have an assessment and we find that you are eligible for services, we will provide you with a copy of the decision.

We will then agree with you:

  • Which of your needs are to be met
  • How those needs will be met

This could include:

If you’re not eligible, we will provide an explanation to tell you why.

To request a needs assessment you can contact the Adult Social Care First Response Team on 01925 443322 or send us a message at. 

send us a message

Eligibility and paying for adult social care

When you have a social care assessment, we’ll tell you about services which can help you and how you can pay for them, including where you may be able to get help with funding.

Use the care cost calculator

The national eligibility criteria for care and support

You are eligible if all three apply to you:

Your needs are due to a physical or mental impairment or illness. The impairment or illness affects your ability to do two or more of the below, and your wellbeing is significantly affected because you can’t do these things:

  • manage and maintain your nutrition
  • manage your personal hygiene
  • manage your toilet needs
  • make sure you’re appropriately clothed
  • be able to use your home safely
  • maintain a habitable home environment
  • develop and maintain family or other personal relationships
  • access and engage in work, training, education or volunteering
  • make use of facilities or services in the local community, including public transport and recreational facilities or services
  • carry out any caring responsibilities the adult has for a child.

If your assessment shows that you meet this criteria, we have to make sure your needs