Carecall Service

Warrington Borough Council's social alarm service is called Carecall and can help older and vulnerable people to remain living independently and safely in their own homes. This service ensures that people are able to get assistance as quickly as possible in case of an emergency at home.

We aim to give people peace of mind by knowing that professional assistance is only the touch of a button away.

The Carecall service is linked to your home through your existing telephone line via a Carecall unit and a lightweight portable trigger worn as a pendant or on your wrist. Pressing the button can raise an alarm anywhere in your house or garden.

Whenever you need emergency help you just push a button on your Carecall equipment and you will be connected to our dedicated all year round, 24-hour control centre. The centre is immediately notified and our expertly trained staff will speak to you and assess what level of response you need. This can range from caring reassurance, contacting your relatives and friends or the emergency services.

Who to contact

01925 458000

Where to go

5, Tanning Court

Other details


“Carecall costs less than the cost of a daily newspaper. There is a small monthly charge for the provision of the Carecall service. You will be advised of the charge before you decide to go ahead with the service.” The weekly charge is £3.50 or £15.16 monthly or £182 annually if a landline is used. If there is no landline, then a GSM unit or Doro mobile phone is needed: the weekly charge is £4.50 or £19.50 monthly or £234 annually.


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